Pre-course Reading: Part 1 Brian Solis

Spent some time on the pre-course recommendations today (as going on holiday next week to the non Wi-Fi friendly wilds of northern France, yay!). Made some notes and thought this would be the best place for them! 

Brian Solis

Main Takeaway: The best way to secure bigger social budgets/team/resource is to show how social media can make the business more money.

Quote: “Start thinking about how social media becomes a means toward triggering meaningful activities or outcomes that align with business priorities or objectives and customer expectations.”

My View: Hardly a ground-breaking concept, surely any appeal for new methods/tools/resources for a business has to be justified to show that they can make the business more money?! What would be useful are some concrete examples of ways in which social media interactions have added real value.

For example, how much more value is added to a conversion after you  communicate with customers on Twitter?  Or does Twitter interaction increase conversions? How much money are competitors taking away from your business by using Facebook?

My biggest area of interest here is using social media platforms to retain customers. You can make more money from an existing customer then a new one, so using social media to address poor experiences, for example, means you retain a customer, therefore making more money than if you lost a customer.


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