Module 1 Class 1 Reading: Industry [R]evolution

reading pig

Excited for the first lesson, here are my notes on the videos we were recommended to watch…

Mediums for digital marketing include television, radio, internet & mobile. (I never thought of TV and Radio as digital marketing as they’re so ‘old’, must remember it’s “non-dependent on internet”. Digital marketing is anything that reaches customers in a TIMELY, PERSONAL & RELEVENT manner.

Two different tactics:

PULL tactics – customers actively search for content via search, opening emails, reading texts.

PUSH tactics – aka spam – content the customer doesn’t opt to see, i.e. banner ads, emails & messages that are unwanted.

Screw Business as Usual – Brian Solis

Digital Darwinism: the evolution of consumer behaviour when society & technology evolve faster than your ability to adapt.

(Resonates on both a personal and business level, i.e. there’s no more Kodak moments, only Instagram moments)

It should be up to the company to create new ways to connect with customers, it should be up to the company to create change in systems and processes before the customer demands them.

Too much talking from companies on their social media – not enough LISTENING! – Your brand isn’t what you say about yourself, it’s what other people say about you.

Social Capital: Investment in social relations with the expectation of return in the marketplace

People won’t remember what your company says, they’ll remember how your company made them feel.  (i.e. can a bad customer experience be resolved on Twitter, can you make a potential customer feel valued before they buy)

This is Digital Marketing – Mediative

Search has become a performance medium, provoking clicks and action

Display ads achieves branding goals such as brand awareness and producing a change in attitude

Easy to understand summary on selling adspace including Remnant definition, ‘Intent to buy’ data and explain Retargeting.

“Online media budgets are skewed to favour ‘search’ over display. Although search only represents 1% of all online activity, it accounts for 50% of digital marketing dollars.”


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