Module 1 Seminar Notes: Industry Revolution


Some notes I made from the first seminar…

My understanding of what the course wants from me:

  1. To drive the use of new technology.

(This really resonated with me because it echoes what Brian Solis said about Digital Darwinism and not keeping up with the new trends. The constant changes and new developments in technology really scares me, will I be able to keep up!?)

  1. Understand the benefits of new technology and become a catalyst for change
  1. Challenge your assumptions! (Don’t shut down with knowledge about areas I don’t ‘work’ in, instead work out how they can integrate with my work – EVERYTHING CONNECTS)

What I want from the course:

I’m excited for all the actual ‘real-life’ practices. It’s all good spouting clichés and speaking in general terms, but getting to the nitty-gritty and putting into actual practice is going to be really rewarding.

More definitions of Digital Marketing:

  • Bev’s: ‘Marketing is no longer monologue but dialogue’ i.e. engagement


  • ‘shaping brand awareness’
  • ‘oh yeah…ROI’
  • ‘measurable’

Visual Significance:

Then -> Brands carefully craft and control their brand image over years

Now -> Brands are made by what other people say and share about your company


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