Module 1 Class 3 reading: Get Social


Reading notes for 3rd seminar: Get Social

Social media and social change:

  1. Rating schools on
  2. Challenging gender stereotypes with petition for gender-neutral Easy Bake Oven
  3. E-petitions in Latvia to submit and suggest reform proposals
  4. Tackling sanitation issues in Pakistan in online forums
  5. Using social media to fight corruption and mobalize and inform peers

10 online and social media campaigns that changed the world:

  1. Arab Spring
  2. Instagram backlash
  3. Wikipedia
  4. Shock-jocks, using social media to respond to radio calls/pranks

Experts explore how social networks can influence behaviour and decision making:

50 social media case studies you need to bookmark: Lists five examples (or further top 5 campaign examples) that brands and companies have used to make the most of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

Analysing your social media strategy: How to put numbers into a social strategy, what KPI’s to use, how to measure the success. See also


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