Video Notes – Neil Perkins

Changes in Technology and Behaviour and the Impact of Change on Digital: Neil Perkins – seminar notes

  • Ideas from Anywhere
  • Platform
  • Agility
  • Participation

Disintermediation – how the internet changes relationships between markets, i.e. changing who the middle man is, totally removing the middle man.

GAFA and seven levels



ASOS Marketplace – not shy of people not buying their products, but produced a useful ‘sticky’ piece of content which brings people, potential customers, back to the site. (And will have them ranking higher for retail searches for people who’ve visited the Marketplace).

Digital engagement works best when you’re catching the moment – real time online activity to coincide with offline.

Coca cola model 70% bread & butter marketing, 20% innovating what works, 10% high risk ideas

Coca cola model


It’s all about making something you do digitally turn into something real in the offline world.




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