Module 2 Lesson 1: What Does a Good Online Business Look Like?

Some reading from the next Google Squared module that I found interesting about idea generation: – Mostly generic but has some key insightful moments – most of which we’re already doing in brainstorms i.e. getting other people’s perspective, change of environment, putting yourself in someone elses shoe’s (i.e. if I were Heston Blumenthal). I thought this point was a bit different and a good way to get the brain working differently in brainstorms:

  •  “Think in reverse: If you feel you cannot think of anything new, try turning things upside-down. Instead of focusing on how you could solve a problem/improve operations/enhance a product, consider how could you create the problem/worsen operations/downgrade the product. The reverse ideas will come flowing in. Consider these ideas – once you’ve reversed them again – as possible solutions for the original challenge.” – Matrix analysis (one of the experimenting techniques) could be a good one for group brainstorms. The variables could be as varied or specific as possible (i.e. everything from client assets, to specific products, to types of digital media, to different personas, different publications etc)

–          The Guided Imagery sounds really awkward! (Imagine you’re in a field and the solution to your problem is in a box – open the box and read the solution…) – has this actually worked, ever?!

–          The Modifying techniques could also be a new way to dissect how what’s usually included in a campaign/project

  Business Models – Nice and tidy summary of the nine basic business models found on the web – the ones I’m most familiar with include Manufacturer (Direct) (i.e clients selling products directly to a buyer), but will be using many –i.e. Amazon is a Merchant biz model, sometimes I click on Affiliate links or Advertising links, and all the data and history of my internet use will be used to sell to sell to suppliers to give them understanding about their consumers – or I’ll use a site (like TripAdvisor) to get an idea of a what I should be purchasing (for holiday for example) – both known as an Infomediary.


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