Reflective Piggy – thoughts on We’re Going to Make Millions assignment

reflective pig

I really floundered thinking of an idea and, after the Disruption and Mobile lectures, it’s because I wasn’t thinking BIG enough.

I wasn’t thinking about being disruptive at all. I was thinking about mobile strategy though (unconsciously too, hurruh!) and came up with an app idea with the purpose of creating loyalty with a customer and using it as an indirect method of mobile conversion. Nice idea, just not very big. But it was grounded in listening and responding to what people wanted/were looking for.

In my group there was one big idea that I thought was really disruptive and that’s the one I voted for…watch this space!

Initially, I’m a bit worried about working in a group as I don’t like to rely on other people but after meeting everyone in the hangout I feel much better, everyone it just on it! No slackers here. I should have had more faith in my Google Squares (then my a-level Drama group, gaad!)

Going forward with the idea we decide on, mobile is really interesting to me so I hope to be a leader on how we can make the idea cross-platform and relevant to the relationship people have with their mobile.

Also – need to think about scalability on a global scale – I really do want to make millions!


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