Video Notes – Mary Burris


When I grow up, I want to be Mary Burris – this talk was so informative and awesome!

Nomophone – fear of being without your mobile phone

21% of people would give up their TV then give up their phone

  • 60% mobile searching for product info
  • 37% mobile searching for ‘local info’ restaurants/pubs/bars
  • 27% mobile searching travel plans

Mobile Site Experience:

67% more likely to purchase on a mobile friendly (i.e. easy to use and quick loading) site – will leave a purchase if a mobile page loads slowly on mobile or site isn’t optimised for mobile.

Mobile drives sales – not just m-commerce direct sales but also by diverting traffic, brand familiarity. Be there for consumers when they’re killing time on their mobiles (i.e. commuting, at the doctors etc).

BE ACROSS ALL FOUR SCREENS: TV, Laptop, Tablet and SmartPhone

Desktop searches peak midday when people are at work

Tablet and mobile searches peak at morning commuting times and also in the evening – echoing TV ratings – i.e. when their watching TV people are searching on their mobiles and tablets.


  • Google love the Tesco at Gatwick airport example – where customers can order groceries before they go on holiday and have them delivered on their return. Making use of the ‘dead’ time people have waiting for flights. Via an app where you scan barcodes on a virtual fridge. Google love how Tesco have addressed consumer well-being.
  • Really cool cross-screen example with Chevy’s Superbowl commercials –
  • Volkswagon app ‘test drive’
  • Google and Coca Cola project – ‘sending a free coke around the world’.

Different types of conversion from mobile

  1. M-commerce – direct sales through ideally optimised site
  2. App download – creates familiarity with the brand – new consumer behaviours show loyalty from app users which influences sales. Or sales can be made directly through apps.
  3. In-store – in-store devices increased my mobile searches for a store to find it or searching for products in store
  4. Phone calls – being able to directly call a business
  5. Cross-device purchases – users starting by searching for products on mobile and finally purchasing via desktop, Google thinking about how that can be attributed with concrete value

Stat Attack!

App downloads – People who download app and buy in store have a  21% higher conversion rate

Cross-device behaviour – can’t track that but Google reckon 61% of users start shopping on mobile then continue on laptop. 39% research on mobile then finish purchase on laptop. (Why, maybe not optimised for mobile, want to make decision at home (Save for Later button).

In-store – 85% look for local information on their mobile and of those 35% have searched for a local business or store location on a map and from those people went in and purchased (no percentage given).

Calls – mobile’s original intention, 35% called a local business, 73% of local searches are looking for business number.

M-commerce 30% of smartphone users make direct purchases on their device. How many steps does it take? Takes seven for desktop – that’s too many, make it easy, integrate it with different type of money transfers (wallet useages) i.e. score cards, credit, pay as you go, etc.

Paid Mobile Search Ads

  • Youtube adverts – over 1 billion videos watch via mobile You Tube. Put your advert in front of someone interested in  aparticular subject
  • Mobile PPC ads have option to display telephone number with functionality to ring with one tap
  • Local business searches integrated with Google Maps ‘get directions’
  • Think about deep linking on mobile search sites as harder to navigate site on desktop
  • Seasonality – search for new apps around Christmas etc

Google Chrome linking and saving searches between desktop to tablet and mobile. In Chrome Browser you can go ‘other devices’ and shows past searches.

For adverts – mobile only shows two adds at top of page – desktop shows three. Think about your mobile strategy, what ads do you want to appear on mobile?

If you’re mobile first in the way you approach advertising, you’re going to be ahead of the curve.


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