Module 2, Seminar 4 Notes – Mobile Marketer


What would a client’s purpose behind mobile be?

  • Loyalty
  • Acquisition
  • Conversions
  • Reaching new markets
  • Brand awareness

What makes a good mobile website?

  • Finger friendly buttons
  • One click to call the business
  • Easy to see search bar
  • Fits the screen proportions
  • Click to non-mobile site version
  • One direction scrolling

What is Responsive Design?

Creating one website to work on screens of all different sizes. But will the mobile site be serving a different purpose to the main site – would a one site (re)sizes to fit all design work?

What should be removed for a mobile site?

  • Remove superfluous user journeys
  • Focus on just 2-3 user journeys
  • i.e. daily deals, offers, availability, immediate answers and info

How to differentiate between a mobile site and an app?

Ocado example – can’t buy on the mobile site, but can browse. Links to ‘Download App to Shop’ and shopping is available only through app. Are mobile sites better for browsing and apps better for purchasing? Or is it the other way around? (Downloading an app might deter one-time users but would be useful for repeat customers – who do you envisage using the app vs. mobile site?)

95% smartphone uers use mobile search to find local information and then to call the business (i.e. has a different purpose to an app)

Mobile search is location-centric. Local business (coffe shops/fast food chains/supermarkets/department stores) can all get involved in mobile search with directions/reviews/offers/availability/stock

Where does it stop?

Wearable tech – how will ‘mobile’ search evolve away from smartphones?


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