The Customer Journey – Module 3 Seminar Notes

Assignment handed in last month – now on to Module 3 “Think Like a Brand”


In basic terms there are three different customer journeys:

  1. IMPULSE purchase
  2. HABITUAL purchase
  3. RESEARCHED purchase (usually higher ticket price items)


  • Quick Service Restaurants and Apparal are industries with roughly 40%/40% HABITUAL/IMPULSE split.
  • Home electronics are 68% a RESEARCHED purchase
  • Grocery is 66% HABITUAL purchase

There are 5 drivers in a customer journey

  1. Contacts
  2. Consumer
  3. Culture
  4. Category
  5. Content

Customer journeys are less like a funnel now, and look morre like flight path due to digital re-shaping and more tech tools available to the consumer. Now, it’s all about multi-channel journeys. (Image Source

muti-channel journey

See more about multi-channel journeys here:

There are now blurred lines between offline an don line shopping experiences – with many brands encouraging online research with an instore purchase/pick-up, i.e.

  • Argos
  • Ikea
  • M&S
  • John Lewis
  • Next/New Look

The customer journey now includes a new moment of truth – the ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH

zero moment of truth (use first)

This new moment shows that we need to put the right info at the right time in the right place during the research phrase – aka the Zero Moment of Truth.

zero moment of truth


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