Notes of Nathan Guerra Video – YouTube Story Telling

video pig

  • Hero Content – stunts, one-offs, huge campaign idea
  • Hygiene Content – what consumers expect from your brand, week in and week out.
  • Need both to deliver great YouTube experiences.

Subscribers are good! They watch 4 times as many videos and watch for twice as longer.

How partnerships work in Youtube

  1. If a vlogger is doing a video showcasing your content, ask them to remove pre-ad or buy that space to avoid bad contrasts.
  2. Create script for an advert that uses the artists niche style, integrates bradned content with humour, self-awareness to go viral. (Tobuscus hot pocket ad) 3 million views. – this content doesn’t die, will keep getting exposure, no time limit.
  3. Telegraph/VW sabotage of make-up advice video. Uses shock element to go viral, piggy backing on vloggers usual style that sabotaging with their shock/own spin. Requires vloggers cooperation. (Make up crash video)
  4. Target niche audience – i.e. sports/young/fit people with free-running ads, partnerships. Or gamers with high profile gamers taking on challenges on a video blog. Partner and brand content must work together, play off each other, feed off convos off Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Real Time Content: live content videos are great, but you have to tell people that they are happening. Have to be pushed. Re-use the content for youtube ads, optimise first five seconds.
  6. Responsive stories – ie. Bodyform, taking what’s happening on other social channels and using the YouTube channel to respond. A youtube response to a comment means the response is much more long-lasting, doesn’t get lost like a single comment response would. More of a lasting impact.
  7. Bespoke content: Turn people/consumer’s tweets/comments into a reality, personalised content to the consumer is more likely to go viral.
  8. Reactive ads – adding a Kia parallel parking tool before the viral ‘Can’t Parallel Park’ video.
  9. Interactive videos – clicking to buy (direct response) actual products in a video (i.e. fashion advertisement, can click through straight to buy products). Or choose a different ending to an advert/story by clicking on different icons at the end of the video. Choose a version of the ad. that’s specific to you (i.e. wine tasting, click on the meal which matches what you’re having for dinner) or part of a car that is of particular interest to the viewer (using annotations). Ask questions/quiz at the end of the ad, make viewer really engage and then click on to website at end (if competition quiz for example).
  10. Episodic content: use series content with ambassadors (like Jamesons and Kevin Spacey comp.) Fosters comedy characters, i.e. in TV with BT story.
  11. Make self-aware content, point out unique features of YouTube (press skip, look at the cats and dogs videos over there, Superdrug advert.) Easy to make off the back of the TV ad. filming, cheaper, making your content work harder.



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