Video Notes: Simon Rogers, Big Data Journalism


Numbers and statistics need context to make them valuable and important to people.

What do Data Journalists Do:

  1. Investigates
  2. Research
  3. Write + Report
  4. Engage
  5. Reveal and Expose

The Guardian uses huge data from Whitehall and the Government and make it accessible to readers using quick Google tools (note – look more into Google Fusion Tables).

They have wide and varied data coming in about school stats, crime rates, the econonmy and translate it into easy to understand visualisations. (Note Simon not a fan of the long thin infographic, visualisations should be short, condensed and easy to get info from).

Make data personal

 – Make it real to people

–          Use quiz format so people can put their own info in and see where they fit into a scale. By personalising the date to them, people are more likely to share (i.e. Tweet your class button was actually v. popular)

–          Election data v. important

–          PDFs is where data goes to die – can edit have to go through manually

Must use stories to bring data alive


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