Avinash Kaushik – Multi Channel Attribution


MCA-O2S (Multi Channel Attribution, Online to Store)

The attempt for marketers and analysts to understand and attribute offline impact (sales, calls, brand value etc) driven by online marketing.

Case studies

–       Quaker Oats boosted instore sales by 9%

–       HP – every $ spent online generated $5.3 in store http://www.google.com/think/case-studies/hp-online-to-store-case-study.html

MCA-AMS (Multi Channel Attribution, Across Multiple Screens)

Using different devices on the customer journey (tablet, desktop, TV, phone) – near impossible to track and attribute effectively.

  MCA-ADC (Multi Channel Attribution, Across Digital Channels)

Analysing how different digital mediums contribute to a conversion (i.e. a mix of organic search, paid search, referral, social network, email, YouTube etc). But it’s analysing the different mediums FOR ONE DEVICE. (MCA-ADC-FOD!).


Practical Steps forward – quoted

1.     Choose which MCA you’re trying to solve (O2S, AMS of ADC)

 2.     “2. Use the appropriate set of solution (see sections above). If MCA-ADC…

3.     3. Get really, really good at understanding your multi-channel funnel reports. They are free. They are awesome. Use the Venn diagram in the Overview report to display reality to your management team. They’ll love you, and stop wasting money.

4.     4. Start to experiment with the simple models. You are moving away from last click, you’ll abandon first and even very quickly. Spend some love and attention on the time decay attribution model (ideally with several mathematical options to apply).

5.     5. Experiment with changes in your digital portfolio based on your time decay results.

6.     6. Measure outcomes. Go back. Analyze the data. Change some more.

7.     7. As you master that, shift slowly to playing with media mix modeling type controlled experiments”



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