Digital Future Seminar Notes 07/11/2013


What makes a social business:

Social biz

External and Internal social aspects – outward and inward looking with social

  • External social = community management, customer service, campaigns etc
  • Internal social = training, transparency, being connected, knowledge sharing

Five of the most interesting areas of Digital Marketing:

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Real-Time
  3. Collaborative Economy
  4. Content Curation
  5. The Unboxing of TV

Content Curation

It’s like a Mix-tape, i.e takes different content from different contexts and puts it in a place that’s relevant to you (or the customer ) –i.e. companies can use blogs to show posts about relevant news, stories and curate content as well as create its own.

Sometimes a brand doesn’t have the time to create content but they can give customers news on what’s going on while they’re busy. Can also put a twitter feed with relevant #hashtags

Content curation means a community doesn’t have to go anywhere else to find the information they want. Use it to support your own content, keep content fresh, have everything in one place and present you brand as an authority.

Regular fresh content will improve your SEO – it takes less time and money than content creation. Have someone as an editor who picks up a couple of stories each day ‘MUST ADD YOUR OWN CONTEXT AROUND IT’ and re-use it.

Examples – Pinterest is just a content curation site.


How do you credit properly stories/content you use?  Should the content not be achieved to avoid duplicate content? Would just a shortened, contextualised version be enough to avoid that?


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